Building Diagnostics and Repair

Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Sometimes problems arise that require the expert diagnosis and evaluation of an engineer. That's where KWhite Engineering comes in. We can diagnose specific problems and give you concrete answers to questions like "why is this happening?" and "what should I do to correct it?". Our inspections are objective and unbiased. The results are practical and reliable. Working with KWhite Engineering can help you avoid paying for unnecessary repairs or overlooking a growing problem that will cost you much more later on. Never leave something as expensive as you home or investment property to chance. Count on KWhite Engineering for the right solution.

Repair Design

If you find yourself facing structural deficiencies in the foundation or framing of your residential or commercial property, it is best to work with a Professional Engineer to design a solution. Our licensed Professional Engineering will design a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to suit your needs. Such designs, signed and sealed by a P.E. are usually required before repairs can begin. You can rely upon KWhite Engineering for peace of mind.

Builder Services

KWhite Engineering also provides third party quality assurance and risk management services to builders of new properties. If you are building or would like KWhite to monitor repairs to an existing property, please call our office to discuss the manner in which we can assist you.