Structural Evaluations

Homes of any age are subject over time to weather conditions, ground shifting, warping, and more. Our structural inspection service offers an assessment and evaluation of the structural components of your home. The determination of squareness, levelness, and plumbness can be included in such an evaluation. Soil investigation and invasive testing is generally not included unless otherwise recommended or designated in writing but is available should you request it. Other systems, such as plumbing, electrical, mechanical, or interior are also not evaluated as part of this evaluation, but may be discussed with your inspector.
When do you need a structural inspection?

  • When there are cracks in the foundation or walls.
  • When there is bowing or sagging in the walls and roof.
  • Where there is carpenter ant, termite, or rot damage.
  • When an appraiser perceives a structural defect.
  • When a new home is under construction.
  • When a mortgage company/bank needs an engineer?s opinion before writing a loan.
  • When there is a concern about the structural integrity of the building or home.
  • When there is fire, flood, water or high wind damage.

If you suspect your home has any structural deficiency, contact KWhite Engineering to perform an evaluation before a small problem becomes more serious.